Monthly Container: Soul Evolution Package

Monthly Container: Soul Evolution Package

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This four session package is designed to connect individuals to their higher self and develop a foundational understanding of their human persona and the journey towards greater embodiment of their higher self.

The first session, called a Soul Chart Reading will give you an understanding of your natal chart (personality tools) as chosen by your higher self, soul lineage/past life gifts that you are brining into this life, and the challenges/lessons that are embedded in your chart.

The second session, the Soul Evolution Reading is an in-depth look at your True Sky 13 Sign Natal Birth Chart, with an emphasis on the 13th Gateway journey from your 3D tropical persona to your 5D Soul embodiment. 

This container merges the path of your 3D life with the higher intent of your soul. During our sessions, we'll discuss the purpose of your 3D training and lessons as they relate to your true sky embodiment and further opportunities for growth as you align with your soul's purpose.

The final session is an Integrative session in which we will work towards healthy integration of the shifts and downloads received during each reading. 


  1. Soul Chart Reading - 90 minutes
  2. Soul Evolution Reading - 90 minutes
  3. Intuitive Integration Session - 60 minutes

These sessions will be done over the course of 2 months. To book, schedule your first session and I will be in touch with further instructions and how to prepare. For a more in-depth journey combining Akashic reading, Astrology and Counselling, check out the Cosmic Blueprint Activation Container.