Life is waiting for you there...

Take a seat behind your mind
Behind the screen of never-ending thoughts
The judge, the critic, the skeptic
You've had nights like this before
Where you laid awake, scared
Terrified that you are lost and stuck
In a mess, under a weight
A heavy burden,
A seeming unsurmountable mountain
Maybe you made mistakes
But you lived through them
You eventually fall asleep
And then wake up to another chance
Another shot at the brass ring
It’s either really bad or it’s nothing really
Either way, it’s another day
We’ve made life daunting
So many tasks, never enough time
But it’s not really that way
There is a peace underneath it all
A simplicity that is waiting for you
Beyond the roads
Into the trees
Down a dusty path leading to a river
Park your worries, put your feet in the water
Life is waiting for you there

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