Akashic Readings

The below image is a visual representation of what I perceive when I do an Akashic Reading 🌀 You’ll notice that yellow (energy) underlies everything. Light information and little nuggets of codes comes down into my crown and gets filtered through my third eye. 
 🌀 The third eye (purple) is where I ‘see’ these codes as images that don’t yet have any meaning 🌀 The data then filters down into my heart chakra which is the place of Direct Knowing (green) 🌀 Once absorbed and filtered through the heart, the light information is moved back up into and out of my throat chakra (turquoise) through speaking 🌀 I often don’t logically know what I will say until sound comes out of my mouth - I begin by explaining the visual I received, and then my Direct Knowing continues to flow from my heart and translates the original image into a meaningful metaphor 🌀 This is where the magic happens 🌀 Notice the ‘nuggets’ of information or ‘codes’ that come from above and are received through my crown are also seen flowing out of my throat chakra, once filtered through my system of knowing. 🌀 Light is information which is carried via frequency. I raise my frequency to be able to ‘read’ this information. I keep my system aligned, clean and happy, healthy and loving to be able to do this 🌀 Notice that green dots (love) is present everywhere. This work should only be done with the highest intentions of love and healing for all 🌀So when I say I love each and every one of you, I mean it on every possible level 💚 From my heart to yours, thank you for allowing me to do this beautiful work 💚
What is an Akashic Soul Reading? 
As a spiritual healer, I specialize in accessing the Akashic Records, which are a powerful tool for unlocking deep insights and clarity.

The Akashic Records are a vast, energetic database that contains information about every soul, past and present. This repository is said to be located in the etheric plane, which is a non-physical realm that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. 

Accessing the Akashic Records requires a deep meditative state, where I set the intention to connect to your soul information and ask questions on your behalf. The records can reveal valuable information about the spiritual meaning of present challenges, offering a healing and informative perspective on the human journey and the quest to become more aligned with your soul's path.

During our session, I will act as your guide, helping you to formulate your questions and interpret the answers that arise. It's important to approach the records with an open mind and heart, ready to receive the messages that come through.

Here is a sample of information that is available to you in
an Akashic Soul Reading: 

How to connect with your Spirit Guides more clearly, and/or work with your intuition better in your daily life
How to release limiting beliefs and behaviours, current habits and patterns that originated early in life/in a past life
Get a glimpse into your soul contracts with individuals that are close to you in your life now
Healing wounds, traumas and releasing unhelpful attachments to suffering, self-punishment, etc. 
Discover what your main soul lessons and soul gifts are for this life. 

What type of questions should you ask? 

The healing session is directed by very specific types of questions, asked by you, in order to get answers from your spiritual team and higher self. Think of the questions that you ask as opening the door to your soul's sacred information. For this reason, the questions that you choose to ask should have relevance to the specific challenges or support you are needing at this time in your life. Be sure to ask empowering, open-ended questions that are self-focused (i.e. focused on yourself and no one else). 

Tips for preparing your questions: 
It is best to avoid predictive or time-specific questions when you are looking for future or past information. The future is unwritten and exists merely in probability. A good way to frame forward-based questions would be something like, "Would be it highly aligned with my soul path to [insert question here]."
Past life information is stored in your Akashic records and thus can be accessed during Akashic readings. This information however, will only be presented if it has relevance to your soul's evolution at this time. Past life questions will often not receive an answer if not specifically needed for spiritual healing or growth. 

How to prepare for a reading: 

24 Hours Before the Reading:
Do not consume any non-prescription drugs or alcohol for 24 hours leading up to the reading.

1 Day Before the Reading:
Make sure to prepare your questions at least a day in advance the reading and make sure to write your questions down and come to the reading with them at your disposal.

1 Hour Before the Reading:
Prepare your mental and physical space to be receptive, peaceful and free from distractions. Stay away from the tv or new stations, drink water, do yoga or journal your intentions for the reading.

15 Mins Before the Reading:
Be sure to go to the washroom, and then check in with your computer to make sure you're able to access the meeting link. Sit for a few minutes in meditation to calm your nerves and get centered. 

Sample Questions: 

Why are [person's name] and I together in this lifetime/what am I meant to learn from this relationship?
How can I better understand my past relationship patterns? How can i release dysfunctional relationship patterns?
How can I open myself to the energy of receiving love and feel more comfortable with giving and receiving love in equal ways?
Is my current career aligned with me on a soul level? How can I better align my soul purpose with my career?
What's liming me from manifesting greater abundance?
What is this challenge or obstacle teaching me?
How can I feel more complete or peaceful with life at this very moment?
How can I release feelings of shame, guilt, anger, etc.? What are these feelings teaching me?
How can I enforce stronger boundaries with family members?
How can I integrate my spirituality and spiritual practices with my
day-to-day life?
How can I become more grounded and present in each moment?
How can I connect to my Spirit Guides or Higher self more deeply? 

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