Monthly Container: Abundant Soul Package

Monthly Container: Abundant Soul Package

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This three session package is designed to connect individuals to their higher self and develop a foundational understanding of their human persona and the journey towards greater embodiment of their higher self. 

The package combines Akashic Soul Reading, Soul Chart Reading and an Intuitive Counselling Sessions to integrate each Soul Reading. 

During the Akashic Reading, I will open your Akashic Records with the intention to retrieve and transmit your healing messages. 

The Soul Chart Reading will give you an understanding of your natal chart (personality tools) as chosen by your higher self, soul lineage/past life gifts that you are brining into this life, and the challenges/lessons that are too embedded in your chart.

The final session is an Intuitive Counselling session in which we will work towards healthy integration of the shifts and downloads received during each reading. 

This package is a holistic look into the nature of your personality and the nature of your highest self. It is deeply transformative and sets the tone for the movement into higher alignment and abundance in all ways.  


  1. Akashic Soul Reading - 60 min
  2. Soul Chart Reading - 90 min
  3. Intuitive Integration Session - 60 min 

These sessions will be done over the course of 1-2 months. To book, schedule your first session and I will be in touch with further instructions and how to prepare.