Workshops and Events

Upcoming Workshops: 

Join me and a beautiful circle of like-minded individuals for bi-weekly Moon Circle Astrology workshops. You will learn to work with your own natal birth chart, and discover where the moon is affecting you. I will guide the group with Intuitive insight, Astrology basics, intention setting and releasing rituals and other spiritual modalities for self-awareness and growth. 

Working with the cycles of the moon and your own natal birth chart on a consistent basis will support you in a deep level of self-awareness and alignment to your divine blueprint; the roadmap for your life as outlined by your soul! 

Location: Delta & Sound, Summerland BC
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm 
Cost: $44.00 

Upcoming Dates: 
May 8 - New Moon Circle 
May 23 - Full Moon Circle
June 6 - New Moon Circle
June 21 - Full Moon Gateway *ask for details
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**If you'd like to pay with cash, that is preferred! Bring $40 to the door! 

Upcoming Retreats: 

Summer Solstice Gateway
March 19-23, 2024 | Vernon, B.C. Canada
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Aurora Faith Gateway is a collective of heart-centered beings, creating from our highest expression, in service of others. Discover inclusive gatherings centre around a potent time of year and a sacred geographic location, creating a transformative gateway to growth and expansion for all who attend.
Aurora Faith Gateway is a living, breathing, ever-evolving style of gathering, created for collective healing and ascension. Each gathering is an entirely unique experience, featuring a dynamic rotation of spiritual & somatic practices and energetic offerings weaving together to support you on your journey home.
If you would like to consider joining a circle of beautiful souls as we gather to share our gifts and receive nourishment from each other, please visit our website at: 
This is a safe place to embody ALL of who you are. Come explore your depths, express your gifts, and flow with a full-spectrum community that amplifies your inner spark.


Total Eclipse Portal - Two-Day Quantum Journey (Fall 2024)
Delta & Sound
13227 Victoria Road North
Summerland, BC, V0H 1Z0 Canada (map)


Leap with Naomi Delta and Aisha Ecasia into the Total Eclipse Portal. During this two-day quantum journey, we will combine the activation codes available through sound and akashic healing with a deep dive into astrology to help illuminate feelings of darkness, density and patterns ready to leave your field. 

We will harness the increased frequencies of light to transmute old patterns, launching you into your next cycle with more awareness and less density.

The weekend will combine healing modalities, deep rest, and integration to leave you feeling safe and ready to merge into a blissful new timeline. 

A nourishing lunch will be provided on both days.

Booking Link coming soon!